Football club INTER
INTER is a sports club and a football team funded in 2013, initially with Bulgarian and foreign students from International University College (now Varna University of Management). Since 2014, the team is under the guidance of the experienced coach Radoslav Boyanov. The team won the Dobrich Regional Football Cup.

Currently, the team competes in Northeastern V football division. It strives to strike a balance between more experienced players and promising young football talents, giving the latter the chance to develop their skills and to benefit from professional sports career guidance. Head coach R. Boyanov has a 12-year experience in the teams of Dobrudja – Dobrich, Cherno Mode – Varna and Karpati – Lviv, Ukraine.

Sports Club INTER
Sports Club INTER actively seeks to involve students as players in the football club and – in cooperation with Varna University of Management – strives to assist them in reconciling education with a sports career. INTER functions with the financial and institutional support of Varna University of Management.